A downloadable game for Windows

Noli Me Tangere: The game is a gamified version of the novel Noli Me Tangere written by Jose Rizal. Play as Crisostomo Ibarra and discover the story of the first five chapters of Noli Me Tangere.

This game is a thesis project of Jennaleigh C. Angala and Ariel Ray D. Cerezo. 

Ariel Ray D. Cerezo: https://ardcerezo.itch.io

Install instructions

1. Unzip the file

2. Run the executable file


Noli Me Tangere - The Game_v1.0.zip 91 MB


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Been finding concept/ideas that tackles life or works of Rizal for title def till I found this. Ang galing👏 

Really great job with the cinematic camera movements, and the town setting looks cool. I like the lighting in the town, with the street lamps in the night - it must hard to get that looking just right. I only played a little bit because of the language barrier but it looks like a cool project! 


Hello! Thanks for playing our game! It's our thesis project  and it's still under development right now and we're thinking of adding an English version of it so that players who don't speak Filipino will still be able to play it.